Opera/Classical Headshots and Portraits: call to discuss your shoot with me! (203)904-5967. Also special student rates available

I create outstanding, modern, gorgeously lit portraits.

I am very well known for my tremendously beautiful, cool and stylish lighting as well as my creative and spontaneous eye. I can create a large variety of stunning strong images that will stand out for your publicity shots, website, on social media, and in every other way you use them. I have the capability to design looks that range from the freshest and brightest moods to those that are dark, magnetic and dramatic.

My sense of drama put across with an absolutely modern feel is perfect for today's changing opera and classical market.

And it's really, really fun to shoot with me!!


I Offer Three Options

Headshots $1075 

This session is great if you are looking for fabulous headshots! Indoor/outdoor, with great lighting.

add to cart   $200 Deposit

Headshots/portraits $1600

This session is perfect if you want the full gamut of looks (full body, portrait and close-ups, etc.). Ladies who envision having more involved makeup and hair changes, Men who want to shave for more variety,etc. 

add to cart   $400 Deposit


For the Location shoot I can come to your great location which could be an apartment, studio, theatre, club etc. Or I could arrange to rent a space. (Rates vary, please call me to discuss options or ideas you may have such as album covers, etc.)

How It Works

Your photos will be put online within 2-3 business days of your shoot. You will be able to view your shots and will have the ability to share links to images with your managers, agents, publicists, friends, family etc. You will be able to order retouching and HI RES images directly from me. I am a great retoucher and since I will already know you, I will have a feel for how much retouching you like, as well as have taken mental notes of conversations we had while looking at the photos during the shoot and will know if you wish you had a little less under your chin or would have liked to look a little slimmer in that dress...:) I will whiten the eyes, smooth under eyes if needed, get rid of stray hairs, eliminate blemishes, smooth lines as needed, enhance and perfect makeup, and sharpen eyes, check clothing for wrinkles, etc. I also will add contrast and whatever else I think they need to make sure they are vibrant and “pop”! 

I will provide HI RES versions and will create a shared folder via Dropbox that you will be able to access easily and download your finished images to your desktop. The cost is $65 per image. HI RES unretouched images are $25.

Things To Know

For the Men:

The makeup/hair stylist is additional ($150 for the headshot session/$200 for the headshot/portrait  session). You will pay the stylist directly. Cash preferred. (No credit cards.) The makeup artist will be with you throughout your session, touching you up and maintaining your hair.

For The Ladies:

My talented and friendly makeup artist is an additional $200 for the headshot session/$300 for the headshot/portrait session. You will pay the stylist directly. Cash preferred. (No credit cards.) An extra fee of $50 will be applied for any major hair change for the headshot session, but it is included in the portrait session. The makeup artist will be with you throughout your shoot, touching you up, making changes as needed and maintaining your hair.